Law Firm Management Solutions

I help small law firm owners overcome chaos so they can maximize profits and reclaim their time for a higher purpose. This is accomplished by putting the right people in the right roles, streamlining processes, and establishing effective fiscal management systems. Let me help you gain clarity for your team, take control of your systems, and reach your financial goals.


Tamara Philabaum, BSIE, MBA

I started T2 Management Solutions because I have seen how law firm owners struggle with managing the business side of their practices. I understand the common mistakes they make. These mistakes create inefficiencies and erode profitability. Ultimately, those owners start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

I was in charge of marketing, human resources, fiscal management, and operations at a 40-attorney law firm for 18 years. For the past 5 years, I have worked with smaller firms, helping them streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary tasks. It is truly satisfying for me to help professionals gain control of their businesses and find peace of mind.

Furthermore, I understand the importance of technology in creating efficiencies in law firms. I am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and CLIO Affiliate Partner. Thus, I am equipped to advise firms on how to make the most of these and similar software products. Finally, I am experienced in creating reports and analyzing data using advanced Excel functions.



Are you anxious about malpractice or ethics issues?

Do you struggle to make payroll even though you and your staff are overwhelmed with work?

The purpose of an Operations Audit is to identify opportunities for process improvement, profitability gains, and risk reduction. I will conduct interviews with owners, attorneys, and support staff to find out what they do and HOW they are doing it. In the process, we identify roadblocks and assess the firm's use of technology. At the conclusion, you will receive documentation and verbal presentation of the findings and recommendations.


Are employee problems keeping you up at night?

Do you feel like you have to do everything yourself?

Do you want to reclaim your time for a higher purpose?

The purpose of a staffing analysis is to determine if the firm has the right people in the right roles performing the right tasks and identify skill gaps in your team. I will interview firm leadership and meet with each employee to identify current understanding of each of their duties and responsibilities. Existing job descriptions and the current organization chart will be examined so we can assess accountability for all firm essential functions. Finally, I will review your recruiting & hiring process, compensation plan, and FLSA compliance. You will receive findings and recommendations on organization structure, job descriptions, staffing plan, and human resource management systems.


Is your IOLTA account like a "black hole?"

Do you stress about making payroll?

Are you always in cash crunch mode?

The purpose of a Financial System Analysis is to establish effective timekeeping, billing, accounts payable & receivable, bookkeeping, financial reporting, trust accounting, and cash flow management tools. I will meet with key players to examine your firm's current processes and analyze your existing financial and production reports. You will receive recommendations on how to streamline procedures, establish better reporting tools, create financial controls, and optimize cash flow. The result will be a fully integrated and functional fiscal management system that will avoid cash crunches and provide peace of mind.


Do you feel alone and unsupported as a firm owner?

Are you unsure about the best practices of law firm management?

The purpose of monthly advisory services is to provide ongoing guidance to firm owners. As an experienced firm administrator and advisor, I will coach you on how to manage your team, streamline processes, and control finances. You will receive weekly advisory sessions, "homework" assignments, 4 hours of office work and phone/email support. The result will be continuous improvement, progress towards meeting your goals, and confidence in your ability to manage your firm.


Do you spend most of your workday on business management?

Are you working nights and weekends to keep up with legal work ?

Do you want to accelerate the development of your practice management systems?

It can be challenging for Owners who are still practicing law to find time for administrative work such as dealing with marketing vendors, writing job descriptions, documenting processes, drafting policies, and analyzing financial reports. Practice Management Support will accelerate your progress towards overcoming chaos and achieving your goals with the help of an experienced legal administrator. Think of it as a part-time or as needed firm administrator.

overcome chaos

increase profits

reclaim time