Practice Management Consulting

Four cornerstones for a solid foundation.

Small business owners often lack the time and/or expertise to assure that all four management cornerstones of their practice are solid. T2 will identify the missing or weak building blocks and help secure a solid foundation that will support your business as it evolves and grows.

Client Development


  • Coordinate the development of marketing tools and content
  • Establish effective networking strategies
  • Define branding and develop niche marketing concepts


  • Conduct client satisfaction surveys and facilitate follow-up
  • Establish systems for consistent client contact
  • Plan and coordinate client retention activities

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Human Resources


  • Create and/or refine job descriptions and compensation plans
  • Provide hiring and on-boarding checklists and tools
  • Ascertain skill needs and staffing requirements


  • Identify training needs and establish educational resources
  • Develop performance management programs
  • Deploy employee engagement techniques

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Financial Management


  • Establish financial reporting systems
  • Create budget and cash flow monitoring tools
  • Facilitate financing and capital purchasing activities 
  • Set up billing & accounting systems


  • Set up financial control systems
  • Design and create financial analysis tools
  • Recommend expense reduction and revenue enhancement tactics

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Methods Improvement


  • Perform operation audits to identify potential improvement areas 
  • Improve workflow, document procedures, and enhance productivity
  • Analyze task assignments and job content to optimize use of support staff


  • Identify and eliminate quality issues
  • Implement standardized methods and processes
  • Establish ongoing quality monitoring procedures

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